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Abi Freckleton's practice delves deep into the temporal dimensions of materiality, where found objects undergo a metamorphosis in the kiln, emerging as sculptures that serve as both markers of specific moments and reflections on the intricate interplay of time, space, and matter.

In the studio, Abi orchestrates a dialogue between material and object, constantly oscillating between the two realms, her sculptures embodying a delicate balance at the threshold. Her fascination lies in the inherent temporality of materials, their ability to encapsulate moments and events, to bear witness to their formation and eventual transformation.

Fleeting everyday moments, in which complex and intertwined relationships between living and non-living entities unfold, serve as the raw material from which each sculpture emerges. Partially contained by smooth edges but revealing wild disorder in their chaotic interiors, the works bare the marks of human constraint and construction alongside the entropic forces of nature.

Working primarily with found objects, materials, and images, she allows their identities to blur and merge during the creative process, a fluid exchange where one seamlessly transitions into the other and back again. This approach reflects the perpetual cycle of creation and dissociation in the natural world, inviting viewers to contemplate the ephemeral nature of existence and the enduring entanglement of time, space, and matter.

Mar/Apr 2023 In Clay, curated by Rose Gleadell

March 2023 - Pourquoi, curated by Gertrude and Canopy Collections
Dec 2023 - Small works, Big Ideas. White Conduit Projects, London
Dec 2023 - Hubbub, Bermondsey Project Space, London
Nov/Dec 2023 - A fractured glimpse. 47 Station Road, Letchworth
Oct 2023 - A quiet resistance. Safehouse 1, Peckham
Oct 2023 - Haiku. White Conduit Projects, London
Sept 2023 - Alchemy of Form. Mint Gallery, London
​July 2023 - Royal College of Art Degree Show, Truman Brewery, London.
May/June 2023 - Made again - Solo show at Q&C, Cambridge curated by Kristian Day.
Feb 2023 - Fermenting - RCA C&G WIP Show,, 7 Wetherby Gardens, London
Nov 2022 - Third Floor - Royal College of Art, Battersea.
May 2022 - Preface - Pumphouse Gallery, Battersea.
Aug /Sept 2021 - Correspondence - Exeter Phoenix & Broadway Gallery Letchworth
May - June 2021 - Come to Naught - Kingsgate Project Space, London
Nov 2020 - Jan 2021 - Red+Green=Yellow. The New Bridge Project, Gateshead.

2023 - Franz Rising Star Project Scholarship
2021 - Eastcheap Studios Cloud9 Residency
2019-2024 - Digswell Arts Trust Fellowship
2018/19 - AA2A Artist in Residence, University of Hertfordshire.

Apr 2024 - Ceramics Now, Featured Artist

2010-2013 - BA Fine Art. Chelsea College of Art.
2021-2023 - MA Ceramics & Glass, Royal College of Art

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