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Exeter Phoenix & Broadway Gallery
August 2021

Two simultaneous, group exhibitions at Exeter Phoenix Gallery and Broadway Gallery Letchworth. Originally conceived during lockdown, each venue commissioned 10 artists to make work that would fit inside a standard A4 jiffy envelope able to be exchanged by post. The artists were paired and offered the opportunity to  meet remotely, exchange ideas and collaborate before making and exchanging their work. Abi was paired with Molly Rooke..

correspondence_ 46.jpg

​" Molly and I decided to send each other something. She sent me a postcard of a pebble, and an actual pebble. I crushed the pebble into a powder and turned it into a ceramic glaze, cut hole-punch samples out of the postcard image and extracted the colours from different parts of the photograph. I wanted to send a pebble back to Exeter, so I found a pebble and processed it in the same way I had Molly’s. The works are remnant objects from this process. "

correspondence_ 47.jpg
correspondence_ 49.jpg

Molly sent me -
Pebble dust glazes, hi-temp digital transfer prints, inkjet ink, glaze, porcelain, stoneware.

correspondence_ 48.jpg
Exeter - install shot.jpg
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