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Come to naught
Kingsgate Project Space
May-June 2021

A group exhibition curated by Kristian Day

Featuring work by Abi Freckleton, Anna Hughes, Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Christopher Mayer, Tom Sewell, Lauren Emily Wilson and Joel Wyllie, Come to naught speaks of (pre)histories, ecologies, magic and science.

kingsgate_ 14 copy_sm.jpg

                      Christopher Mayer

Abi Freckleton                         Joel Wylie

Two determined greens / Extruded waste clay with stained porcelain slip, in-glaze transfer of sky photograph, ash glaze made from photogram, gold lustre, glaze in sand and inkjet ink

kingsgate_ 77 copy_sm.jpg

               Joel Wylie                      Abi Freckleton

Bethan Lloyd Worthington


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kingsgate_ 32 copy_sm.jpg
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